Creating a green future: GROVE allows anyone to digitally subscribe to a carbon-neutral lifestyle and put a stake in the ground for ecosystem preservation through mangrove reforestation and climate education.​


These mangroves not only help reduce carbon. They also provide cover and a play place for elephants.


We support the planting of 1 mangrove in the Bay of Bengal per 33g pack of our TENCHA CHAMAN Luxe Organic Ceremonial Matcha purchased (acting as a carbon sink for up to 500kg of carbon dioxide over its lifetime).

Contribute by purchasing a 33g pack today.


Tackling the future entrepreneurially, Philipp is focused on building towards the shared vision of a happier, healthier and wealthier humanity. For every confirmed booking, Philipp Kristian sponsors mangrove planting efforts in the Bay of Bengal in Myanmar.

Contribute to creating a positive future by booking Philipp Kristian for your next event.

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